Creating Connections: Digital Art for Connectivity

24. - 31. janvier 2024

Two art auctions are launched during this year’s CfC St. Moritz (Crypto Finance Conference). Proceeds will support Giga, a UNICEF and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) learning initiative to connect every school to the internet.

Schüler lernen mit Tablets in einer Schule in Niamey.

1.3 billion children have no access to the internet at home and only around half of the world’s schools are online. It is crucial to generate and support innovative initiatives:

As part of CfC St. Moritz 2024, two art auctions themed «Creating Connections» are launched to support Giga, a UNICEF and ITU initiative to connect every school to the Internet and every young person to information, opportunity, and choice. The CfC St. Moritz is an international conference for hand-picked opinion leaders and investors. Held in the unique setting of the Swiss Alps the annual conference unites the traditional finance sector and the crypto industry. 


Physical auction 

The first, traditional auction took place live on January 11, 2024, during CfC St. Moritz 2024. Bertold Mueller, Delegate of UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein and Christie’s Managing Director EMEA  auctioned the three bespoke pieces from acclaimed contemporary conceptual artist Cole Sternberg, raising CHF 100,000 to support Giga’s school connectivity efforts.


On-chain auction 

The second auction is taking place online from 24 – 31 January, 2024 and is now LIVE for bidding:

Christie’s 3.0 is auctioning the artworks on its on-chain platform which is dedicated to exceptional digital art. 

This on-chain art auction is curated by Nina Roehrs, an expert on art in the digital age, and features artworks (NFTs) donated by various digital artists:

0xDEAFBEEF, Kevin Abosch, Daniel Calderon, Mitchell F Chan, DADA Collective, Linda Dounia, Emily Edelman, Andreas Gysin, Mario Klingemann, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Sarah Meyohas, Luis Ponce, Helena Sarin, Cole Sternberg, Sasha Stiles, Anna Ridler & Sofia Crespo, ROBNESS and more.



All proceeds go to Giga

The proceeds of both auctions will be donated to UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein, in support of Giga’s school connectivity work. Since its inception in 2019, Giga and its partners have connected nearly 6,000 schools and 2.4 million students to the Internet. And in the next 18 months, Giga is on track to connecting an additional 25,000 schools and 10 million students.