Use of donation income in 2022

The Committee for UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein endeavors to raise and manage funds in an orderly and transparent manner to ensure that donations are used effectively in the best interests of children.

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In 2022, funds were allocated as follows:

  • 92.4% went to international program work and national advocacy*
  • 2.7% went to administrative and quality assurance costs 
  • 4.9% was used for fundraising activities 

* Compared to the previous year, the percentage of funds that could be used for program work was substantially higher, mainly due to the unusually high emergency response income for Ukraine. 

UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein places the highest demands on efficiency and transparency within the organization, and its operations have been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. The ISO certificate is an attestation to UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s high level of quality awareness. It also demonstrates that all processes – for example fundraising for UNICEF projects, donation management and sales processes – are effective and transparent. UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein is audited regularly to ensure that quality is sustainably maintained.

UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein publishes its annual financial statements in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER accounting guidelines. This is the standard that ZEWO requires of its members.