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General donation

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General donation

With a general, non-specific donation, you enable UNICEF to help children in the most urgent need, anywhere and at any time. UNICEF selects countries based on defined indicators, such as a high infant mortality rate or low per capita income.

UNICEF uses non-specific donations for emergency relief, underfunded countries, reconstruction projects or for the further development of the organization.

How do general donations work?

  • You make a general, non-specific donation to UNICEF.
  • UNICEF collects these donations in a special fund.
  • From the fund, UNICEF finances underfunded programs, provides emergency relief, supports reconstruction projects and further develops the organization.

How your donation helps

Non-specific donations enable UNICEF to provide aid flexibly, quickly and with less bureaucracy. Thanks to these donations, UNICEF can maintain a permanent presence in more than 150 countries; reach children in the most remote regions; inspire pilot projects; develop and implement data-driven, long-term programs; influence national laws and policies, and explore new approaches.