Kinderrechte aus Kinder- und Jugendsicht

Children’s wellbeing

The implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child continues to face numerous challenges, even in wealthy countries like Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Poverty, bullying, stress and air pollution are just a few of the issues that affect children’s mental and physical health and developmental opportunities, and thus have a strong impact on child wellbeing. In order to identify and address these challenges, UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein conducts continuous monitoring on selected issues relevant to children’s rights.


Information, materials and activities

Learn all about children’s rights, discover our materials on the subject and find out what you can do to stand up for children’s rights.

Mental Health

Key contact points

Parents, children and young people can find information on the topic of mental health here. 

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UNICEF - Kinderfreundliche Lebensräume

UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein has been committed to child-friendly community and urban development for years with the implementation of the Child-Friendly Cities Initiative and with its Child-Friendly Living Spaces section.


Children’s rights also apply in the digital sphere

Children and young people are particularly affected by the advancing digitalisation. We are committed to ensuring that young people are also protected, supported and involved in the digital space.

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For children and adolescents

On this page you will find links with further information on the asylum procedure in Switzerland. You can also find out how to seek help if you need it and learn more about your rights.