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Der kleine Bub Ammar ist seit 2016 im Jemen auf der Flucht.

For more than eight years, Yemen has been locked in a civil war that has developed into one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time, with more than 11.1 million children affected. UNICEF is on the ground, providing urgently required aid.

Stefanie Heinzmann, neue UNICEF Botschafterin

I feel incredibly honored to be able to stand in support of probably the most important cause there is: a peaceful and just future for all the children of this world.

Stefanie Heinzmann on her appointment as a UNICEF ambassador in 2023

Emergency Relief Fund

With your regular donation to the UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein Emergency Relief Fund, you ensure the timely provision of relief supplies and help save children in crisis areas worldwide.

Junge mit UNICEF-Hilfsgüterkiste auf dem Arm.