Sharing knowledge

Knowledge is valuable, and becomes even more valuable when proactively shared. UNICEF therefore makes its knowledge and experience available to everyone free of charge, and promotes the international and interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge.

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With the aim of learning from the experiences of others, sharing knowledge and finding approaches for new projects, UNICEF organizes national and international conferences with expert practitioners and specialist academics. In Switzerland, these conferences have focused in recent years on topics such as social norms, female genital mutilation and Child-Friendly Cities.

Sharing knowledge is especially crucial in the field of child protection, where solutions are often complex. The main causes are often the same in any case: poverty, lack of awareness and a certain set of values or social expectations.

UNICEF regularly publishes Innovations, Lessons Learned and Good Practices, because it is important to learn from mistakes as well. These insights feed into UNICEF’s program work worldwide and into other development organizations, who can benefit from this knowledge and experience.