UNICEF’s program work

In 2020, UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein funded programs in 38 countries and at a global level, as well as at the Innocenti Research Centre. The projects are focused in the areas of education, nutrition, hygiene, health, water, child protection and emergency relief.

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UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein supports programs in various countries. Their primary purpose is to pilot new, innovative measures and then work with governments to extend them to a larger number of people, villages and regions, based on the experiences gained. The programs generally last three to five years, and aim to engage governments through co-financing and co-responsibility, thus enabling UNICEF to achieve measurable and sustainable progress for children globally.

The programs funded by UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein are developed and implemented locally by UNICEF staff together with representatives of non-governmental and governmental organizations. UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein visits the programs on a regular basis and receives detailed financial reports.