Michael Gassner
Dear supporters,

Many thanks for all your donations. Still new donors are welcome for UNICEF - please don't hesitate to increase the amount of fundraising above the 1000 CHF level!

UNICEF raised funds via a unique cycling event in the mountains of Switzerland: A 20-kilometre route with a 750-metre elevation gain from Montana (but each lap) on 10th June. Surely the most unusual fundraising event I've ever done; specially in Ramadan...

Contributions for UNICEF are most welcome: 100 CHF = ca. 102.88 USD

The team of J. Safra Sarasin raised more than 14'000 CHF for UNICEF, coming in second place overall. With your help we can even post-event reach the 15'000!
Spendenziel:  CHF 1'000
Gesammelt:  1'017

Spenderin / Spender

  • rina maraachli charaf, bank j. safra sarasin
  • John Sandwick, Safa Investment Services S.A.
  • Syed Ahsan, al-Ahsan & Company
  • john nelson, Dixcart Trust
  • Ramazan Celiköz, Avaloq
  • rami abouchahin, bloomberg LP
  • Mark Beasley
  • Veronique Laffargue
  • Steven Parkinson, Global Fund
  • younes igrouche
  • Biagio Zoccolillo, Zoccolillo & Partner AG
  • Wasif Khan, WCMP
  • Oliver Gassner, Ingenieurbüro Gassner
  • Zaïneb EL HATAR, 1985
  • Markus Hermanek
  • Bilgehan Köhler
  • Stefano Prandi
  • Shaher Abbas, IFAAS
  • Debbie Shayne, Plum Publications