Check out our amazing CYCLING FOR CHILDREN programme – it has something in store for everyone.

10 June 2017

05.00 am: The event begins before sunrise at 5 o’clock. Candle lights and sunrise ensure emotions.

09.00 am: Start with the first ambassador.

Every hour an ambassador is at the start. You can join and have fun together on the way to the top. But one can start anytime.

Participants are encouraged all along the way. At every hairpin bend you will find entertainment, music, opportunities to have a massage, sponsor ads, refreshments, food stalls, easy chairs... You can stop whenever you want.

04.00 pm: Last ascent. At 5 pm, a team of canvassers and motor bikers drive uphill to collect any late participant.

05.30 pm: The donation amount will be announced.

A complete overview of the ambassadors’ starting times is available here.