Ein Junge zieht am 11. September 2023 in einem von Sturzfluten zerstörten Gebiet in Derna, Ostlibyen, einen Koffer an Trümmern vorbei.

Catastrophic flooding in Libya

Storm Daniel has brought massive destruction to northeastern Libya. Countless buildings and even whole neighborhoods have been swept away by flood waters. It is assumed that around 11,300 people have died, with many more injured or missing.

On September 10, Storm Daniel made landfall in Libya, devastating large areas in the eastern part of the country. Heavy rains, the collapse of dams and storm surges have brought massive flooding. It has affected over 884,000 people, including 350,000 children. Especially hard hit was the coastal city of Derna. Thousands of families have lost their homes; countless buildings and even whole neighborhoods have been swept away. There are over 10,000 people still missing.

As soon as the disaster hit, UNICEF began sending emergency aid to help the children of Libya. Children are the most vulnerable in any emergency situation. Much has been achieved to date:

  • 65 tons of emergency supplies provided
  • 15,000 people supplied with medical emergency supplies
  • 32,000 water purification tablets distributed
  • 850 people received hygiene kits
    Flugzeug wir im globalen UNICEF Supply and Logistics Hub in Kopenhagen mit Hilfsgütern beladen.
    Medical supplies, food and emergency shelter are being shipped to flood-affected areas from UNICEF's global Supply and Logistics Hub in Copenhagen.
    UNICEF Hilfsgüter werden in Libyen verteilt.
    UNICEF staff unload a truck with relief supplies, including UNICEF hygiene kits. These supplies are distributed to affected people housed in a school in Derna, eastern Libya.

    UNICEF continues to focus on strengthening its response. Together with our partners on the ground, we get lifesaving medical care to thousands of people in the affected areas of northeastern Libya. In emergency situations like these, the supply of clean water is crucial and an important factor in preventing the spread of cholera and other life-threatening diseases. We distribute kits with soap and water purification tablets. These help to prevent the outbreak of disease and pestilence.  

    UNICEF sets up temporary classrooms and provides learning materials. We create child-friendly spaces where children have a place to play and work through their traumatic experiences. 

    Thank you for supporting UNICEF with your donation.